Fusion Dancing in Europe

This is a central entry point for Fusion dancing in Europe. Should you have any suggestions for this page, see the contribution details on the bottom of this page.

A nice place to start is this blog post from dancers in the US about their perspective on the history of Fusion, and the calendar below where you can find most Fusion dancing events in Europe.
There is also dancecal.com that features Fusion events world wide.


Fusion Dancing, a documentary about the growing fusion dance community in Europe, a cultural and social phenomenon. This is an introductory preview for a feature length documentary with an anticipated release date towards the end of 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the release for this documentary had to be postponed.

All dances are original interpretations of the music you are hearing at each and every moment.

Music: Slow Love (Moglebaum), Aus dem Off (AINIE), Febbraio by (Amycanbe)

Fusion Calendar Europe


Date Location Event
31 Dec - 3 Jan Bern, Switzerland Fusionizers
16-19 Jul Toulouse, France Toulouse Fusion Weekend

Local Scenes

The following cities have local scenes that organize at least monthly events:

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